Brownsville Animal Defense
Saving animals in the Rio Grande Valley
We are always in need of

  • Newspaper
  • Old leashes & collars
  • Blankets or rugs
  • Dog & cat toys
  • Dry or canned Dog food
  • Dry or canned Cat food
  • Dog treats (for pet smart days)

We are always in need of Volunteers and
foster family's.  
Can you help?
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Oct 22, 2014  10:36pm
The Brownsville Animal Defense, is a 501(c) (3)  local animal advocacy group, Our goals are to make the Rio Grande Valley a no kill
community, build a no-kill animal shelter, and help adoptable pets find loving homes.  No one in this group gets paid for the  work they
do. All fees & donations collected go to the animals.
Become a Member of B.A.D.
Single Membership:   $25 for a year
Family Membership: $30 a year
Lifetime Membership: $1000
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Brownsville Animal Shelter
Thanks to everyone who made Happy Christmas Tails a great success!!
Thank to our dedicated volunteers and the awesome staff at the
Brownsville Animal Shelter.